Photo by  Janette Casolary

I challenge you to experience the real spice of life by immersing yourself in travel and adventure!

Not just the glossy stuff on the surface, but deep down where the pulse of a culture beats to its own rhythm. It's time to get swept up and carried away with Fisheye Journeys adventure travels!

Of course, there are always traditional attractions that are worth seeing, but Fisheye Journeys takes you beyond the glitz, to the living, breathing cultures. You'll experience the food, language, celebrations, crafts, and folklore that still thrive just off the beaten path, beyond the borders of the tourist maps.

Fisheye Journeys was founded with a rebellious spirit and a hunger for fulfilling travel adventures that we can share. And we deliver all of our adventures with culturally and environmentally friendly practices that help support local workers and families. 

My favorite thing about travel is that it shows us the commonality of us all, as well as the diversity. Traveling shatters stereotypes and frees a world of possibilities. 

My wish for this company is to show you that we are all more similar than different. Allow yourself to be immersed in foreign lands, and you will see yourself reflected in your local hosts and new friends. And best of all, you'll return home inspired and with a new perception of life. You may even come home with a newly found feeling of FREEDOM.

Don't get lost in the details, we handle all those for you, including photographic documentation of your journey. So get your boots on the ground and hit the world running with Fisheye Journeys!

See you on the road!